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Deposit requirement (USD) Trading requirement (standard lot) Cashback amount (USD)
$10,000 – $25,000 5 $300
> $25,001 10 $500
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VT Markets “Switch to VT Markets” Cash rebate offer Terms and Conditions

The provider of this offer is VT Markets Limited (Mauritius Financial Services Commission License Number GB23202269) (herein “the Company” or “VT Markets”), to the Company’s clients.


  1. This offer is available from 1 July 2023 to 31 December 2023

  2. VT Markets will offer this to new clients at its discretion. If you are not sure about your eligibility, please contact [email protected].

  3. To be eligible to this offer, you must:

    1. open a new live account with VT Markets (meaning, not a “demo” account) during the promotion period.

    2. Have a screenshot that contains your name, trading account number used on other brokers.

    3. Have a trading statement from your trading account used on other brokers.

    4. not being referred by any partners or affiliates that work with the company.

    5. meet the deposit requirement and trading requirement listed on Term 4.

  4. Eligible clients will receive cashback rebate as per below:

    Deposit requirement (USD) Trading requirement (standard lot) Cashback amount (USD)
    10,000 – 25,000 5 300
    > 25,001 10 500
  5. You must meet the deposit requirements within 1 calendar day after your first deposit is submitted. Any deposits that are made outside said the period will not be counted towards the offer unless explicitly approved by the company.

  6. You must meet the trading requirements within 1 calendar month after you meet the deposit requirements.

  7. Only closed transaction in FX, Gold, Oil and Sliver products will be counted towards this offer.

  8. If you have more than one trading account, your trades will be combined and counted towards this offer.

  9. To claim the cashback, you must submit a request to your account manager. any submission after 31st Jan 2024 will not be processed.

  10. If your trading account is denominated in currencies other than USD, we will convert the amount of cashback into the currency atour discretion.

  11. Your cashback will be credited to your nominated trading account within 10 business day after we verify your eligibility.

  12. This program can be retracted at anytime of VT Markets’ choosing and account eligibility will be subject to our discretion.



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