Precious Metals Trading

Trade Precious Metals with VT Markets

Precious metals have been recognised as a store of value since the dawn of time, and most serious investors hold some form of gold or silver in their portfolios.

If you have an inquisitive economic mind, you would have realised that precious metals provide insights into the economy's health, as they are seen by traders as a safe haven during economic turmoil.

With VT Markets, you can trade these precious metal markets and benefit from predictable, technically driven price movements.

Maximise the trading potential of these safe havens by accessing the precious metal markets with VT Markets.

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    Forex pairs

  • Access


    Forex pairs

Explore the types of precious metals you can trade

VT Markets allows trading of the following precious metal contracts via MetaTrader 4 platforms:

• Gold
• Silver
• Platinum
• Palladium
• Copper

Product Specifications

Check all the currency pairs available to trade with VT Markets.
(the spreads demonstrated in the table below are typical spreads and for your reference only)

(ref only)
(ref only)
  COPPER-C COPPER CFD 0.1 =2500Oz 4.2218 USD 50:1 0.1 10 26 50  
  XAUUSD GOLD FX Spot 0.01 =1 Oz 1718.56 USD 500:1 0.01 100 1 30  
  XAUEUR GOLD FX Spot 0.01 =1 Oz 1544.15 EUR 500:1 0.01 100 25 40  
  XAUAUD Gold CFD- Leverage 0.01 =1 OZ 2530.77 AUD 500:1 0.01 100 25 45  
  XAGUSD Silver FX Spot 0.01 =50 Oz 17.730 USD 100:1 0.01 25 18 27.97  
  XAGAUD Sliver CFD 0.01 =50 Oz 29.131 AUD 100:1 0.01 20 29 35  
  XPTUSD Platinum vs US Dollar Nymex/CME 10 ounces 966.17 USD 20 0.1 10 244 335  
  XPDUSD Palladium
Nymex/CME 10 ounces 2092.45 USD 20 0.1 10 152 845  


  • What are the advantages of trading precious metal CFDs?

    Known for their stability and high liquidity, precious metals CFDs are generally recognised among the trading community as a ‘safe’ investment. Their high liquidity offers sufficient trading volume and tight bid/ask spreads, ensuring traders can easily enter and exit positions, reduce the impact of slippage and improve trade execution.

    The market for precious metal trading is typically open for trading during extended hours, providing opportunities to trade outside traditional market hours. Precious metal CFDs boast lower transaction costs than physical metal trading, making them a cost-efficient option for traders interested in low-cost market exposure.

    Precious metal CFDs are also known for their position size flexibility. From small positions to larger volumes, traders of all different account sizes can participate in the market.

  • What factors influence the prices of precious metals?

    Like other tradeable assets, the value of precious metals is influenced by several factors, the most prominent being supply and demand. Factors such as mining production levels, geopolitical tensions, economic conditions and industrial demand can affect the availability and demand for precious metals.

    Global economic conditions can also contribute to fluctuations in value. When there are concerns about economic stability, inflation or currency devaluation, investors often turn to precious metals as a store of value. Precious metal prices are also often quoted using the US dollar. If this currency strengthens against other currencies, it could lower precious metal prices in US dollar terms and become more expensive for holders of other currencies to purchase precious metals.

    Precious metals can also be used within several industries, from jewellery to electronics and dentistry. Changes in industrial demand can also directly influence the price of precious metals.

  • What are the trading hours for precious metals on VT Markets?

    Precious metals trading hours on the VT Market platforms are as follows:

    Gold — Monday – Thursday: 01:01 – 23:58 (GMT+3), Friday: 01:01 – 23:57 (GMT+3)
    Silver — 01:00 – 23:59 (GMT+3)
    Copper — 01:00-24:00 (GMT+3)

  • How much leverage can you trade with precious metals and what is the maximum leverage that VT Markets offers for trading precious metals?

    The amount of leverage available for trading precious metals can vary depending on the broker and the regulatory environment. At VT Markets, we offer leverage ratios ranging from 50:1 to 500:1 or more for trading precious metal CFDs.

    It’s important to note that higher leverage allows traders to control larger positions with a smaller amount of capital. However, it also increases the risk of significant losses if the market moves against the trader’s position. In this case, it’s crucial to use leverage responsibly and consider your risk tolerance, trading strategy and risk management techniques when trading precious metals.

    The maximum leverage depends on the product type you are trading with. Traders with any questions about our leverage ratios can contact the VT Markets customer support team.

  • Can I practice trading precious metals on a demo account before I start real trading?

    Yes — VT Markets understands the hesitance many new traders may feel as they begin learning the ropes of the precious metals market. To give newcomers a confidence boost and equip them with the trading skills they need to become master traders, we created a demo trading platform where traders can put their strategies to the test without using real capital.

    Once you feel more confident with precious metals trading, you can create a live VT Markets account.

  • How do I deposit and withdraw funds from my VT Markets precious metals trading account?

    You can conveniently make deposits and withdrawals through the VT Markets Client Portal. It’s important to note that funds should be deposited from a source in the same name as the trading account. This can include credit or debit cards and alternative payment accounts.

    Withdrawals are usually processed within one business day. After processing, it may take 1-7 business days to receive your funds, depending on the banking and payment systems involved.

  • How does VT Markets handle slippage and market gaps in precious metal trading?

    Slippage refers to the difference between the anticipated price of a trade and the actual price at which the trade is executed. Slippage can occur for various reasons, such as market volatility, liquidity conditions and order execution speed.

    As VT Markets operates using Market Execution, it is important to note that if a precious metal CFD order is no longer available, we will be unable to execute it. In such cases, our liquidity providers will fill your order at the prevailing market rate.

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