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Follow and copy trades from the elites

Are you looking to start trading but lack the right knowledge and time? Copy trading might be the best solution for you. Through VT Markets’ copy trading platform, VTrade, you can start copying the trades of professional traders around the globe and earn profits along with them.

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How does VTrade work?

As a follower, you can choose from over 100 providers with different results, strategies and risk profiles. In just a few clicks, their strategies will become yours automatically. You don’t need a large initial capital to start, and through following multiple providers, you are able to diversify risks. In addition, our providers are active in every time zone — this means that you can grasp opportunities in the 24/7 markets. There’s no need for you to watch the markets all day and wait for the right moment to trade.

As a Provider, you’ll get to boost your earning potential through our unique rebate scheme.

Enjoy a simple, user-friendly platform that makes trading and earning easy for you.

Seizing market opportunities has never been easier

VTrade is designed to do all the heavylifting for you. Sit back, relax, and watch your profits grow while the expert traders do the hard work for you.

At VT Markets, we pride ourselves in providing you with transparent access to global markets with the best possible pricing, no forced requotes, no price manipulation and no restrictions.We're here to make trading easy for you so join our community of copy traders today!

Follow the best of the best

Check out our top 10 experienced Providers on VTrade.

Start copying their trades in just a few clicks and watch your account grow.

Join the trading community today

  • Trading made easier

    Save time by following the right providers and copying their trades automatically.
  • High transparency

    Browse our leaderboard and compare the Providers, performance and profitability.
  • Adjust your trade size
    and risk tolerance

    You get to decide how much you want to invest in and allocate to each provider.
  • Gain exposure to
    different markets

    You can follow multiple Providers who trade different asset classes to diversify your portfolio.
  • Register

    Sign up on the VTrade
    portal to be a Follower

  • Select your champion

    Browse the list of providers and follow
    the best ones that suit your needs

  • Start trading automatically

    Sit back, relax and let
    the experts trade on your behalf

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  • Earn extra income

    On top of your profits, you get to earn a sizeable commission when your Followers make profits.
  • Flexible fee

    Categorise your strategies into different offers and earn customisable performance income from your Followers.
  • Build a name
    for yourself

    Get featured on the top spots on the leaderboard and be seen by more potential Followers.
  • Robust and intuitive

    Get an overview of the number of Followers and commission earned every month.
  • Register

    Select an account type then submit
    your application

  • Become a Provider

    Choose to be a Provider
    on the VTrade portal

  • Set up your strategies

    Create your fee structure and
    start sharing your expertise

Important information

Please read this if you are a follower with Cent account/you will be following a provider using Cent account

  • what is the minimum amount for providers to collect fees if I’m following with a Cent account?

    The minimum amount for your provider to collect from you is 0.5 USC (0.005 US Dollar) per trade when you are following with a Cent account. Providers will be required to use a Cents account to trade If he/she wishes to collect fees for lower than that.

  • What things should I pay attention to if I’m following with a Cent account?

    You need to pay close attention to your Risk Ratio setting if you are following with a Cent account and under Autoscale mode.

  • How could I calculate the volume to be copied from my provider if my following mode is Autoscale?

    The formula of how to calculate the volume you will copy from the provider under Autoscale mode is shown as per below:

    [Volume you will copy] = [Trade Volume placed by provider] x ([Follower’s Fund] / [Provider’s Fund]) x [Your Risk Ratio]

    If the follower and provider’s trading account are denominated in different currencies, the funds will be converted into the same currency to proceed the calculation by the system.

    Here are some examples:

    Ex 1.
    Client A (the provider) has USD 5,000 in the account.
    Client B (the follower) has USC 5,000 (50 USD) in the account.
    Client B sets the following mode under Autoscale mode with Risk Ratio equals to 1

    If Client A places a trade of 5 lots, Client B will copy 5 x (50/5000) x 1 = 0.05 lots onto his account

    Ex 2.
    Client A (the provider) has USC 5,000 (50 USD) in the account.
    Client B (the follower) has USD 5,000 in the account.
    Client B sets the following mode under Autoscale mode with Risk Ratio equals to 0.5

    If Client A places a trade of 2 lots, Client B will copy 2 x (5000/50) x 0.5 = 100 lots onto his account.

  • What happens if I don’t have enough margin to execute the order copied from my provider?

    If you do not have enough margin to execute the order copied from your provider, the trade will not be placed on your account.

  • What happens if trade volume copied exceeds the maximum volume, or is under the minimum volume allowed?

    The amount of maximum and minimum allowed volume (per order) is product-dependent, please check them on our product pages, MetaTrader platform or contact our support team.

    If your copied volume exceeds the maximum allowed volume, the system will split the volume into multiple orders and execute them with the best possible quotes.

    If your copied volume is under the minimum volume allowed, the trade will not be placed on your account.

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