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Invest in 800+ Leading Companies with CFD Shares

Explore a wide range of renowned stocks, including industry giants such as Amazon, Apple, and Google. VT Markets opens the door to an extensive portfolio, featuring over 800 top-tier companies carefully selected from the dynamic markets of the United States, United Kingdom, European Union, and Asia.

Engage in the stock market with ease by investing in CFD shares on our platform. CFD Shares trading allows you to trade on their price movements, without owning the assets. Investors can profit from both upward and downward share movements, opening opportunities to trade a diverse portfolio across various industries and global markets.

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Access 500 US blue chips with the lowest commission

Dive into a diverse portfolio of 500 US blue chips, featuring market leaders like Amazon shares, Apple shares, Alphabet (Google) shares, Visa shares, Tesla shares, and more. Participate in the American stock market through CFD trading, offering opportunities to profit regardless of whether the market moves upwards or downwards.

VT Markets supports US CFD share trading with leverage reaching up to 33:1. Enjoy the added benefit of minimal commission, starting from just $0 per trade. This ensures a cost-effective and highly efficient trading experience, designed to optimise your trading strategy and provide you with unparalleled opportunities in the vibrant and ever-evolving US market landscape.

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Discover 100+ UK shares listed on the London Stock Exchange

Access a diverse selection of UK shares, including Barclays, Vodafone Group, BP, Lloyds Banking Group, and Unilever, all listed on the prestigious London Stock Exchange. UK stocks boast remarkable diversity across industries, featuring renowned names in finance, telecommunications, energy, and consumer goods. The special advantage lies in the mix of stability and growth, making them appealing to global investors.

By trading UK CFD Shares with VT Markets, you can benefit from a competitive commission rate of 0.1% per lot, and a leverage of up to 20:1. This is designed to provide you with strategic flexibility, and allow you to explore the UK stock market efficiently.

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Choose from 140+ of the biggest EU companies

Expand your investment portfolio with a range of over 140 of the biggest EU companies, including ING Groep N.V., Bayer AG, SAP, Danone, and L’Oreal. This strategic move can enhance your trading portfolio and exposure to the dynamic European market, offering you the opportunity to interact with leading companies in finance, technology, healthcare, and other sectors.

Engage in EU CFD share trading at VT Markets, featuring a leverage of up to 20:1 and a competitive commission rate of 0.1% per lot. This advantage not only delivers flexibility to your trading strategy but can also amplify investment benefits when investing in the biggest EU companies.

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Explore a selection of the top 50 Asian companies

Navigate through the top 50 Chinese companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Trade Asian CFD shares with VT Markets and benefit from the price movements of assets like the Bank of China, AIA, Geely, China Overseas, PetroChina, and more. This curated collection unlocks avenues for strategic investment ventures in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, which serves as a gateway to the dynamic Asian market.

Benefit from the industry’s lowest trading costs, starting from just 0.25% or 50 HKD (approximately $6) per trade, and a leverage of up to 20:1.

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  • How does trading share CFDs differ from traditional share trading?

    One of the biggest differences between trading share CFDs from traditional share trading is ownership. When you trade share CFDs, you do not own the underlying shares. Instead, you are entering into a contract with the broker or provider to speculate on the price movement of the shares. In traditional share trading, you actually purchase and own the physical shares, entitling you to the associated rights and benefits, such as voting rights and dividends.

    CFD share trading typically involves lower transaction costs compared to traditional share trading. CFD brokers often offer competitive spreads, which are the differences between the buying and selling prices, allowing for potentially lower costs per trade. Traditional share trading typically involves brokerage commissions, exchange fees and other charges that can add up.

    Traders can also employ leverage, allowing them to control larger positions with less capital. In traditional share trading, you need to invest the full value of the shares to open a position.

  • Which company shares can I trade with VT Markets?

    VT Market users can trade online stock CFDs across various industries, business scales and more. Traders can access over 800 leading companies via share CFDs in the US, UK, EU and HK. You’ll have the opportunity to trade popular stocks recognised worldwide, including Amazon, Tesla and Google, and the best European and Chinese companies, such as L’Oreal, SAP, Danone and PetroChina.

  • What are the trading hours for share CFDs on VT Markets?

    Trading hours for share CFDs depend on the country they are associated with. US shares are available to trade between 16:30-23:00 (GMT+3), UK and EU shares are available during 10:00-18:30 (GMT+3) and HK shares are available between 04:30-07:00 or 08:00-11:00 (GMT+3).

  • What are the benefits and risks of trading share CFDs?

    Before kickstarting your trading journey, it’s important to research the benefits and risks associated with your trading preferences to ensure you are well prepared. Share CFDs allow you to access and trade diverse shares from various markets, providing you with a broader range of investment opportunities and the ability to diversify your portfolio.

    Share CFDs give you the opportunity to take short positions to profit from falling share prices, while also profiting from rising markets. Of course, as with any kind of trading, risks run rampant.

    As traders can use leverage when trading share CFDs to enhance profit potential, it can also magnify losses. Trading share CFDs on margin means that even a small adverse market movement can result in significant losses, potentially exceeding your initial investment.

    Sharp and unpredictable price movements can lead to increased slippage, wider spreads and difficulty executing trades at desired prices, especially during periods of market instability. Traders are encouraged to use appropriate position sizing and implement stop-loss strategies to minimise such risks.

  • What fees are associated with trading share CFDs on VT Markets?

    To keep trading costs low for our clients, VT Markets is proud to offer low spreads and commission fees across our range of share CFDs. We offer US share CFDs with a leverage of up to 20:1 and a commission from just $0 per trade, while our UK share CFDs feature a leverage of up to 20:1 and 0.1% commission per lot.

  • How can I start trading share CFDs with VT Markets?

    Traders can begin trading share CFDs by opening an account with VT Markets and making an initial deposit. Once you have chosen the platform you wish to trade with, like MetaTrader 4, select the shares you would like to trade and wait for your ideal market conditions before placing and monitoring your trade. For any questions or enquiries about opening an account with VT Markets, contact us today.

    If you would like some practice before you begin trading, VT Markets has a demo account that helps traders build their confidence before the real thing. Through the VT Markets demo account, traders can become familiar with the nature of the market without the need for real capital.

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