VT Markets SDR Stock Split Notification

    September 16, 2022

    Dear Client,

    Please be advised of the upcoming Schroders PLC (SDR) stock split that is going to take place as per the following schedule:

    Ex-Date: September 19th, 2022. Common shares will trade at the new split-adjusted price.

    Important implications of the SDR Stock Split:

    1. The quantity of shares of each client’s position will multiply by 5.

    2. Post-split, the “open price” and “take profit / stop loss” of each position will be adjusted, which will be the original price divided by 5.

    3. Schroders PLC is expected to have a 5-for-1 stock split on the close markets for the business day of September 19, 2022 and will begin trading on a split-adjusted basis on September 20, 2022. The estimated post-split price is maybe 1/5 of the E.O.D. price on September 19,2022.

    4. All pending orders at the time of the split (Buy Limit, Sell Limit, Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Buy Stop Limit, Sell Stop Limit) will be cancelled.

    5. All Schroders PLC holding positions and pending orders on DEMO account will be closed as a result of the stock split.

    The above data is for reference only, please refer to the MT4/MT5 software for specific data.

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