VT Markets Modification of Margin Request on Oil contracts

    October 20, 2021

    Dear Clients,

    After VT Markets’s sustained attention, we find that the International financial market is generally recovering. What’s more, the demands for Oil contracts are increasing as well.

    To provide our clients with the most competitive trading environment, VT Markets is glad to announce that the margin request for the following products, including USOUSD, UKOUSD, and CL-OIL, will be reduced at 00:00 on Oct 25th, 2021 (GMT+3).

    After the modification, the margin request for trading the Oil contracts will be reduced to two-thirds of its current amount. The leverage of Oil contracts will also be raised and fixed at 333:1 instead of floating between 50:1 and 250:1.

    For instance, if the original margin request for keeping one lot Oil contract is 330 USD, the needed margin request for this position will be reduced to 250 USD after the modification, and so on. The table below is for reference.

    Notes: The figures above are only for reference. The actual execution data should be subject to the numbers on MT4/MT5.

    Friendly reminders:
    1. All contract specifications of Oil stay the same except the margin percentage being changed from 200% to 0.3%.
    2. The margin level will correspondingly increase while the margin request of Oil positions is modified as two-thirds of its original amount.

    There will be more available funds in trading accounts after this modification.
    Please assure that there are sufficient funds in trading accounts for holding positions.

    If you’d like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected].