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    15 February 2024
    Forex Market Analysis: Dollar Stabilizes Post-CPI Surge; Market Resilience Amidst Inflation Concerns

    CURRENCIES: US Dollar Updates The U.S. dollar stabilizes after its surge post-CPI data, with the DXY index fluctuating near the break-even point. A lack of further gains does not imply a weakening of the bullish sentiment. Focus on technical analysis …

    15 February 2024
    Stock Market Rallies Led by Lyft Surge Amid Adjusted Federal Reserve Rate Cut Expectations

    On Wednesday, the stock market witnessed a significant rebound, with the S&P 500, Nasdaq Composite, and Dow Jones Industrial Average posting notable gains, driven in part by Lyft’s shares soaring 35% after reporting impressive fourth-quarter earnings. This rally followed a …

    14 February 2024
    Forex Market Analysis: Gold Prices React to CPI Data: Fed’s Response and Market Implications

    CURRENCIES: Gold Price Analysis Following US CPI Data Gold prices dropped to a two-month low after US CPI data indicated higher inflation than expected, influencing a hawkish view on Federal Reserve interest rate decisions. This inflation report led to higher …

    14 February 2024
    Stock Markets Tumble as Inflation Surges, Upending Fed Rate Cut Hopes and Driving Treasury Yields Higher

    On Tuesday, stock markets faced a sharp decline following unexpectedly high January inflation data, which sent Treasury yields climbing and dampened hopes for multiple Federal Reserve rate cuts this year. The Dow Jones Industrial Average recorded its worst session since …

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