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ZuluTrade is the world leading online and mobile Social Trading platform. ZuluTrade enables users to locate successful traders that are ranked by ZuluRank, a proprietary performance evaluation algorithm, and follow their trades which are translated into real trades in their own broker accounts. Users can fully manage their accounts via a customizable account management suite that is equipped with advanced risk management features such as ZuluGuard, a shield against volatile trading strategies.

ZuluTrade is one of the largest social trading communities. The users of the platform can follow between thousands registered talented currency traders from 192 countries automatically. By engaging in autotrading, users can eliminate the potentially harmful factor of emotion and the error prone human factor from their trading practice. Users can take advantage of the fact that ZuluTrade Signal Providers are active in virtually every country and time zone of the world and grasp opportunities in the 24-hour Forex market without the need of being in front of their PC all the time or have professional financial training.

Top traders ranked by Zulutrade

Through the ZuluTrade social trading platform, clients of VT Markets will gain exclusive access to a vast pool of professional traders and profitable trading systems.

Choose the professional traders you wish to follow and diversify your forex trading risk around multiple strategies. Based on the performance of the traders you follow; your trading account will be an exact mirror of the performance of some of the brightest and most talented Forex traders within the social trading industry. All this streamed directly into your VT Markets MT4 trading account.

All this streamed directly into your VT Markets MT4 trading account.

Zulutrade unique features

6 features that make you commit to Zulutrade:


A sophisticated algorithm that ranks Signal Providers by analyzing a number of different factors.


A highly advanced account protection feature that monitors the performance of the users Traders 24/7.


A powerful tool that allows users to test their selected trader’s performance according to the Settings of their account.

Customization settings

ZuluTrade users retain full control over their account.

Risk Management

The Margin-Call-o-Meter estimates how much risk the user is taking with the selected Signal Provider portfolio and settings.


The Automator is an innovative tool which allows ZuluTrade users to create and execute their own automated rules.

How to link your account to Zulutrade

Follow the steps on the right to link your account to Zulutrade, and enjoy your trading journey with the best ones in the industry.

  • 1. Open a VT Markets live trading account.
  • 2. Fill out the Zulutrade opt-in form.
  • 3. Link your trading account to Zulutrade.
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