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Forex Market Analysis: USD/CAD Fluctuations, Microsoft’s Strategic Hire, and Oil Price Dynamics 21 November 2023

November 21, 2023


Currency Pair Movement:

  • USD/CAD experiences a decline, currently trading close to 1.3710.
  • Recent gains in USD/CAD are retraced during the Asian session on Tuesday.

Crude Oil Impact:

  • Improved Crude oil prices pose challenges for USD/CAD.
  • Western Texas Intermediate (WTI) is valued at approximately $77.50 per barrel.
  • Market speculation indicates the possibility of OPEC implementing additional production cuts during its upcoming meeting on November 26.

Canadian Economic Indicator:

  • Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Canada is expected to show a moderation to 3.2% in October.
  • The Canadian Dollar (CAD) gains support against the US Dollar (USD) amid higher Crude Oil prices.

Market Analyst’s Perspective:

  • Analyst Akhtar Faruqui reports on the situation, emphasizing the influence of Crude oil prices on USD/CAD movements.
  • Highlights the market’s anticipation of OPEC’s potential decision to further reduce production.

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Market Response to Microsoft’s Strategic Move:

  • Microsoft (MSFT) stock achieves an unprecedented high on Monday.
  • The hiring of Sam Altman, following his departure from OpenAI, is widely regarded as a strategic “coup” by Wall Street.

Altman’s Impact on Microsoft:

  • Sam Altman’s recruitment is deemed a significant development, eliciting positive reactions from Wall Street and Silicon Valley investors.
  • Altman, along with OpenAI co-founder Greg Brockman, is set to spearhead a new advanced AI research team at Microsoft.

Surprise Element in the Tech World:

  • Altman’s exit from OpenAI sends shockwaves through the tech industry over the weekend.
  • The surprise development catches the attention of key figures, including Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and investors on Wall Street.

Stock Performance and Market Sentiment:

  • Microsoft (MSFT) stock closes at an all-time high as a result of the news.
  • The move is met with enthusiasm and optimism among investors and venture capitalists.

Unofficial Status of Altman’s Deal:

  • Contrary reports emerge on Monday afternoon, indicating that Sam Altman’s agreement with Microsoft is not yet officially confirmed.
  • The Verge reports a weekend-long back-and-forth, introducing an element of uncertainty regarding Altman’s transition to Microsoft.


Oil Price Recovery:

  • Oil prices exhibit a robust recovery, up by over 7% from the lows observed last week.
  • Anticipation of reaching $80 per barrel becomes increasingly feasible amidst the ongoing resurgence.

OPEC+ Speculation:

  • Ongoing speculation surrounds the possibility of additional supply cuts from OPEC+.
  • The organization’s meeting later this month intensifies discussions on maintaining stability and sustaining oil prices above the $80 per barrel threshold.

Technical Challenges vs. Market Sentiment:

  • Despite potential technical obstacles, market sentiment and concerns from OPEC contribute to sustained interest from bullish investors.
  • Factors beyond technical hurdles, such as sentiment and OPEC considerations, continue to drive market dynamics.

Recent Market Drivers:

  • Recent gains, around 2.7%, attributed to concerns about a new EU sanctions package on Russian Oil.
  • Speculation gains momentum as OPEC+ discussions on potential further cuts add fuel to the oil price rally.

OPEC+ Deliberations:

  • OPEC+ faces a pivotal moment, contemplating additional measures to uphold oil prices above $80 per barrel.
  • Despite initial resistance to supply cuts, OPEC’s earlier decisions have been vindicated by macroeconomic conditions and oil price trends in 2023.

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